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Top 50 Call Center Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2017

Customer Experience

It's a new year. A new chance to improve our customer service and delight our customers. To achieve this, it's always a good idea to keep a pulse on industry thought leaders.

So if you aren't sure who you should be following to help improve your contact center in 2017, we've compiled a list of the top 50 call center Twitter accounts to follow.



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1. Blair Pleasant | @blairplez 

Blair the co-founder of UCStrategies. For the last 18 years, she has been in the contact center industry working as an analyst and consultant. Currently, She writes articles and participates in weekly podcasts discussing the latest industry trends.


2. Dan Miller | @dnm54 

Dan is a contact center industry thought leader and analyst. He is a founder of Opus Inc and holds an MBA from Columbia and a BA from Hampshire College.

3. David Myron | @dmyron 

Dan is the Director of Program Management for Gartner Events. His career spans more than two decades in business, technology publishing and events management. He frequently contributes his thoughts about how to get the most out of your contact center agents on LinkedIn Pulse.

4. Jonty Pearce | @JontyPearce 

Jonty has been the editor of Call center Helper, the UK's most popular contact center amazing for the past 13 years.

5. Myra Golden | @MyraGolden 

Myra is a customer service and public relations consultant and blogger. She is considered one of the pioneers for leveraging social media for customer service and has helped hundreds of companies become more involved in online conversations about their brands.

6. Sheila McGee-Smith | @McGeeSmith 

Sheila is a leading contact center and enterprise communications industry analyst. She founded McGee-Smith Analytics in 2000 to offer companies expert and reliable information and analysis related to the contact center markets.

7. Sheri Greenhaus | @srgreenhaus 

For the past 30 years, Sheri has been involved in nearly every aspect of a call center, CRM and contact center management. She has held roles as a contact center executive, a successful consultant and most recently as the managing partner of CRMXchange.

8. Susan Hash | @susanhash 

For the past 24 years, Susan has written about customer care and contact center management. In November 2008, she became the founding editor of Contact Center Pipeline, a monthly instructional print magazine and blog for the contact center industry.

9. Teresa Allen | @TeresaAllen 

Teresa is ranked #1 on GlobalGurus.org as a customer service expert. She is also a successful keynote speaker and a published author.

10. Marsha Collier | @MarshaCollier

Marsha is the founder of #CustServ chat, is an expert in online customer service. She is also the author of 48 books and a frequent voice on #techradio tech podcast.

11. Greg Ortbach | @GregOrtbach 

Greg is a marketing CX evangelist and is co-host of the weekly #CustServ Twitter Chat. In 2005 he was a top 10 finalist for the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award and was named #32 in ICMI's list of 100 Customer Service Pros on Twitter.

12. Brad Bennett | @BradBennett 

Brad has over 20 years experience in CRM, ERP and Contact Center. He is a leading proponent of Cloud-based Services and leads a highly successful Sales Teams.

13. Mitch Lieberman | @mjayliebs 

Mitch is a Customer Experience Architect and Strategist who focuses on customer service, contact centers, CRM and social CRM.

14. Neal Shact | @nealshact 

Neal is a customer experience evangelist who specializes in Contact Center end-to-end solutions and is the CEO of CommunitTech Services.

15. Justin Robbins | @justinmrobbins 

Justin is a customer service expert with over two decades experience. He focuses on contact center operations and helping organisations achieve success.

16. Patrick Russell | @Patrick_SaaS 

Patrick has over 14 years of customer service experience. He has a deep understanding of contact center technology and focuses on improving the customer experience.

17. Nate Brown | @CustomerIsFirst 

Nate is the director of customer experience at UL EHS Sustainability. He is known for his relationship-building flair and his passion for customer service.

18. Jenny Dempsey | @jennysuedempsey 

Jenny is a customer service manager with over a decade of experience in creating systems and leading teams to deliver exceptional customer service results.

19. Jeanne Bliss | @JeanneBliss 

Jenny pioneered the Chief Customer Officer role. She is also the co-founder for the Customer Experience Professionals Associations.

20. Robert Lamb | @lambrobert

Robert is a proven Practice Lead for Contact Center consulting services. He currently delivers consulting solutions for CDW, one of the world's leading contact center firms.

21. Mike Aoki | @mikeaoki 

Mike is the President of Reflective Keynotes Inc and has over 20 years of customer service, sales and management experience with a focus on call centers.

22. Paul Stockford | @paulstockford

Paul is a contact center industry analyst with over 20 years experience.

23. Carolyn Blunt | @CarolynBlunt 

Carolyn is a contact center people development expert and is the co-author of Delivering Effective Social Customer Service.

24. Ann-Marie Stagg | @CCMATALK 

Ann-Marie is the chief executive of the Call center Management Association in the UK and is President of ECCCO.

25. Ian Jacobs | @iangjacobs 

Ian is a senior analyst for Forrester and specializes in customer experience technologies.


26. Jeremy Watkin | @jtwatkin  

Jeremy is a veteran customer service professional who is passionate about building teams that consistently deliver fantastic customer service.

27. The PACE Association | @PACEassociation 

PACE or The Professional Association for Customer Engagement often shares news items and the latest news in customer engagement.

28. VXi | @VXicorp 

Offering noise-cancelling headphones for contact centers, this brand shares the latest news about improving the customer service experience through technology.

29. Steve Pappas | @sxp01 

Steve is a customer experience expert who is passionate about improving customer service across all industries.

30. Jeannie Walters | @jeanniecw 

Jeannie is CEO of 360 Connext and has over 15 years of experience as a CEM Consultant. She is also a TEDx speaker and a published author.

31. Adrian Swinscoe | @adrianswinscoe 

Adrian a customer experience and service consultant. He is also a regular Forbes contributor and author of the best-selling book How To Wow.

32. Ian Golding | @ijgolding 

Ian is a highly influential freelance customer experience professional, keynote speaker and blogger. He is currently on the UK Board of Ambassadors for CXPA, a non-profit that aims to guide and enhance the field of customer experience management.

33. Michael Hinshaw | @MichaelHinshaw

Michael is an industry influencer and customer experience executive. He is also the co-author of the best-selling book Smart Customers, Stupid Companies: Why Only Intelligent Companies Will Thrive.

34. Laura Sikorski | @LauraSikorski

Laura is a contact center consult with over 30 years experience and is recognized as an expert for CS-CX-Tech.


35. Ernan Roman | @ernanroman

Ernan is the author of Voice of the Customer Marketing and president of ERDM Corp and has appeared as a contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post and CustomerThink.

36. Smith + Co | @SmithCo_CEM 

Smith + Co is a company determined to define, design and deliver customer experiences that differentiate brands. The company has also published a book called On Purpose which helps readers provide a customer experience that people will love.

37. Rick Harris | @cust_faithful 

Rick is the founder of Customer Faithful which is devoted to helping companies develop ideas that assist them to think like their customer.

38. Gerry Brown | @gerrybuk 

Gerry aka The Customer Lifeguard is passionate about the return of real customer service and is a full-time customer experience activist.

39. Steve DiGioia | @SteveDiGioia 

Steve is a customer service trainer, author and keynote speaker who made ICMI's list as a Top 50 Customer Service Thought Leader.

40. Adam Ramshaw | @Genroe 

For the past 14 years, Adam has been passionate about providing practical customer feedback so that businesses can improve their customer experience and develop loyal relationships with their clients.

41. Ben Motteram | @CXpert 

Ben has two passions in life: Creating better experiences for customers and golf.

42. Joellyn Sargent | @JoellynSargent

Joellyn is passionate about helping her clients sharpen their customer experience to improve loyalty and retention. She is also a keynote speaker and author of 'Beyond the Launch'.

43. Steve Curtin | @enthused 

Steve is the author of Delight Your Customers and is a fan of exceptional customer service.

44. Jeff Toister | @toister 

Jeff is the author behind Service Failure, a book about why employees struggle with customer service and what you can do about it.

45. Annette Franz | @annettefranz 

Annette is a CX expert and mentor. She is recognized as a customer experience thought a leader. She is passionate about helping businesses become more people-focused.

46. John Tschohl | @johntschohl

John is considered to be the guru of customer service by USA Today and Time Magazine. For the past 40 years, he has been passionate about helping companies create a service culture.

47. Kristin Baird | @KristinBaird 

Kristin is the healthcare's customer service guru who is also a published author, keynote speaker and qualified nurse.

48. Jase Clarke | @_jase_clarke_ 

Jace eats, sleeps and breathes all things customer experience. He has a varied and broad career ranging from service delivery all the way to a voice of customer programme design.

49. Bruce Temkin | @btemkin

Bruce is a customer experience speaker, advisor and researcher. He is also the co-founder of the customer experience professionals association.

50. Kerry Bodine | @kerrybodine 

Kerry is the co-author of Outside In and is customer experience consultant. When she isn't promoting her book, you can find her coaching businesses to improve their customer service results.

These top 50 call center and customer service influencers are sure to bring you valuable information to your Twitter newsfeed and keep you up to date on all customer service matters. Oh and of course, don’t forget to follow us @PlayVoxCX!

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