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How To Turn Raw Data From Your QA Scorecard Metrics Into Gold

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Quality assurance and monitoring is a tough job. However, it's a very necessary one. Quality monitoring is what ensures that customer service standards are met and excelled through the use of an adapted set of metrics to measure agents' performance.

But once the data is gathered, what do we do?
How do we analyze it and take action upon it?


If one of your main responsibilities is to analyze this data and create and implement action plans to meet the metric goals, fear not, we've got you covered.

Quality is often times disconnected and left behind, with no real action taken on the data provided. Yet it's so valuable as it shows us the good, the bad and the ugly. So don't take quality metrics for granted, here are a few ways to take it to the next level and improve your customer service.



Give factual feedback

If you have put in place the right metrics to measure quality, you'll have a great base to give factual and productive feedback to your agents. Use it to back up your case and make productive suggestions. Having the right data can help provide objective reasoning to improve and change and agent performance.

TIP: Remember to hand out feedback in a objective and useful manner. Be empathetic and show willingness to help an agent improve.


Read more tips about how to give great coaching feedback.


Drive data to the agent in real-time

Wouldn't it be great if the agent could see how they did with a client a few minutes after the communication ended? By having a software in place where the customer can rate the the quality of the service and pass the information along to the agent immediately, management can save an immense amount of time (and money).

Plus, it lets the agent how they did while the event is still fresh in their mind; they can rectify skills and behaviors in a self-directed fashion.

Coach underperformers

The truth is in the numbers and once your data is analyzed, it will be easy to spot who is meeting their metric objectives and who is not. To be on par, start with those who need a little boost. Data from QA scorecard metrics can give you the outlook to provide coaching to those in need. Whether you provide hands-on coaching or coaching through specific software, this is the opportunity to set new goals for underperformers to help them catch up to their coworkers.

TIP: Set a deadline and a clear path to how to go about reaching agreed upon expectations.

Reward overachievers

QA data also makes it clear to see who is going above and beyond. It's important to let employees know they are valued. Don't be shy and show your appreciation through a clear reward system. It could be a program such as Extra Mile points to be redeemed for gifts. Or public recognition of a job well done. 

TIP: Smaller achievements shouldn't go unnoticed either. As a manager, recognize agents by showing your appreciation publicly. Whether you voice their merit vocally or in writing through an online communication platform or a simple office white board, showing a little love is always welcomed and motivating.

In essence, the key to making the most out of the data produced from QA scorecard metrics is to drive the information back to agents so they can improve front-line customer service.

Having tons of raw data can be confusing, time-consuming and a headache to decipher. Why not eliminate the fuss? With the help of the right software to analyze the information, it can be presented to you in a user-friendly way so immediate action can be taken, making your job just that much easier.

We don't mean to brag, but at PlayVox we provide solutions so you can manage QA, Employee Feedback, Communication and even Training from a single platform. Say goodbye to excels in the contact center and become a Call Center Quality Rock Star.

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