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Featured: Level up with Karma!

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 9, 2012 11:17:02 AM / by Briana Songer posted in playcall, gamification, Product News

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Karma Points is gamification specifically designed for Call Center employee motivation. Implemented right into the PlayCall platform, the karma points tool is based off the platforms ability to track user activity. Before, you could simply gain points by specific actions in the platform, but we've taken that idea a step further and it's now available for all our current users.


Raise your level!

Instead of simply gaining points, we've divided up those points into levels. Levels are divided by color and by the number of points necessary to move on to the next. Users have the option to see where they currently rank and how many points are needed to advance.

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How to jumpstart PlayCall

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 11, 2012 3:57:11 PM / by Briana Songer posted in supervisor, playcall, tips

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So you're a Supervisor whose just getting started in the PlayCall platform. You've created your password, followed the quick start steps,fixed up your profile with a lovely picture and now you're ready to get others to join. To fill up those teams and campaigns you're going to need the rest of your Call Center. Follow these quick tips to learn how you can do it.

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Gamify your Call Center with Karma Points!

[fa icon="calendar'] May 24, 2012 10:02:02 AM / by Briana Songer posted in playcall, gamification, Product News

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In order to have happy customers, you have to have engaged employees on the other side of the phone. Management wastes critical time and resources finding new ways to keep agents motivated. To help address this common problem, Karma Points is gamification specifically designed for Call Center employee motivation.
We want to share how it works.

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5 great things PlayCall does for your call center employees

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2012 5:12:53 AM / by Briana Songer posted in supervisor, playcall, call centers, Customer

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If there's one thing that PlayCall wants to's to help out those Agents who feel unrecognized, unhappy and unproductive at their job. Those who are without adequate training or supportive tools. Or, it's to help support Management overwhelmed by meeting goals, metrics or keeping up with the new hires. Whatever the reason, PlayCall wants to reach out by giving them something they deserve.

1. Recognition

Everyone has had that awkward moment when they can't remember someones name. Well, try being a supervisor or agent and have to re-learn who's who every month. PlayCall gives an identity to all those new faces. Profiles with pictures, nifty little about me sections, team and campaign info. No anonymity=Win.

2. So easy a Caveman can do it...

Outdated, complicated and non-functioning applications and technology are something that everyone despises using. PlayCall is inspired by technologies like that most are familiar with. This means this type of layout is comprised of an updated and easy to use interface. What's more, its been designed specifically for call centers. This gives agents and supervisors something familiar and useful to dive into.

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The Game Theory

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 27, 2012 2:49:05 PM / by Briana Songer posted in playcall, Contact Center, gamification, arcaris, entrepreneurship

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The dream of Colombian Oscar Giraldo (28) was to play professional hockey. That's why in 2005, when he was about to graduate with a Systems Engineering degree from his birth country, he looked for a destination where he could realize his dream. First he thought of Portugal, Spain or Italy, but this was a difficult time for a Colombian to get a visa there. Next, Argentina came to mind, but the country was going through a difficult time economically. It was from this that he ended up in Chile, initially for 3 months.


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