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Why is Quality Assurance Important in a Call Center?

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Quality assurance has the power to transform your call center’s performance and maximize customer satisfaction, but how?

If you’re considering implementing a QA process into your call center, discover all the key benefits implementing a thorough quality assurance process can bring.


Help to Clarify Company Values and Goals

Why does your customer service department exist? What kind of problems do you aim to resolve? How do you want customers to feel after each interaction with your agents?

Clarifying your department’s goals and values is just one of the benefits of an effective QA process offers. Without this clear objective in mind, call center agents may have a hard time providing a consistent experience or representing your company to the best of their ability.

Your quality assurance team needs to understand what the brand stands for and the standards of quality you expect to be delivered.

Once the QA work is underway, your managers and employees will all share the same idea of what they’re working towards — and they’ll have the reinforcement they need to get there.

Establish a Culture of Quality


Keeping employees motivated and inspiring them to care about the service they provide can be tough.

Yes, they’ll do what’s contractually required of them but will they go above and beyond? Will they make a real effort to leave customers satisfied and with good reason to keep coming back?

Asking why quality assurance is important in a call center? With a quality assurance team hard at work, a stronger culture of quality will develop. Metrics can be monitored so goals can be set to coach, train, and rewards your team.

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Identify Flaws in Customer Service

The occasional misstep in service can get overlooked. A mistake here, an oversight there. It happens.

However, if it’s happening all the time, your customers will notice — and no doubt start searching for a more reliable option. Want another reason why quality assurance is important in a call center?

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The QA process identifies flaws in your service. Call monitoring is a core aspect, enabling analysts and managers to listen in on interactions and pinpoint areas demanding improvement.

Playvox QA software lets you create custom scorecards that make measuring agent performance much easier.

Align Processes With Customer Expectations

Research shows 70% of businesses delivering best-in-class customer experiences incorporate consumer feedback into their operations.

If you’re not actually asking those people reaching out to your call center agents about their opinions, you could be making things more difficult than they need be.

Another reason why quality assurance is important in a call center? It helps to align your service with customer expectations.

Customer surveys should be distributed on a regular basis, ideally before you begin quality assurance and once it’s underway. The more feedback you gather over time, the better you can monitor development and measure progress.

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Ask customers to answer a few questions at the end of an interaction, or email polls to them. Make sure they’re quick and easy enough to complete, to avoid putting respondents off.  

Encourage More Effective Training

How much thought do you give to training in your call center?

Maybe agents received a day or two of intense training when they first joined the company. Maybe they sit through occasional sessions along with dozens of colleagues, all subjected to the exact same material, whether it’s relevant to them or not.

Such broad training can bore employees, meaning they’ll struggle to absorb the information being shared. Asking why quality assurance is important in a call center? Quality assurance involves evaluating each agent’s performance to recognize their strengths and weaknesses so managers can create relevant training programs.

Playvox empowers managers with the ability to provide targeted training to agents right at their desks, with quizzes available for a more engaging, interactive process.

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Enhance Customer Retention

Looking for more on why quality assurance is important in a call center? Let’s talk about retention.

Did you know your probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 - 70%? And the probability of securing a sale from a new buyer is just 5-20%?

The bottom line: Keeping customers happy can pay off in a big, big way. By measuring agents’ performance and gathering feedback from customers, you can develop a concrete understanding of what people really want.

A more personalized approach to service can help customers feel valued by the company, rather than just another faceless drone. Unifying customer data pulled from multiple touchpoints (phone calls, live chat, email) equips agents with key information during interactions, and minimizes the need for customers to keep explaining their history or details.  

Build a Stronger Workforce

Shall we cover the last (but not least important) reason why quality assurance is important in a call center?

Quality assurance should be an ongoing process to keep improving your call center’s customer service. Over time, after consistent call monitoring, customer surveys, coaching, targeted training and more, your workforce will continue to get stronger.

More importantly, it’s more likely your employees will actually care more about the quality of service they deliver. This is because they will know certain interactions may be monitored, while the personalized coaching/training makes them feel valued by management.

Quality assurance revolves around recognizing each agent is an individual, with their own capabilities, their own strengths, their own weaknesses and more. By focusing on meeting their needs and increasing satisfaction, you will end up with a more efficient team.

This, of course, works wonders for your customers too.

So, do you know what to say next time someone asks why quality assurance is important in a call center?

The benefits are many and varied: Effective QA can lead to better customer service, stronger employee-motivation, enhanced customer retention and more. Incorporating a reliable QA system will streamline the process and give your quality assurance team the tools they need to achieve the best results.

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