The Benefits of Creating an Entertaining Customer Experience with Gamification

Customer Experience

If you're in the customer service and experience department, then you've probably heard all about gamification in the call center agents, as it boosts agent performance and engagement.

Gamification has proven to be an effective strategy, which is why innovative companies have started to apply this not just for their customer service agents, but for their customers as well.  

Many companies have figured out that having fun—sometimes called gamification—with the sales process can lead to greater loyalty and a better overall experience. You can do gamification in a variety of ways. You might set goals for them, or you might have both short- and long-term rewards. They might want to tout their achievements to a broader community, too. 

There are plenty of examples of successful gamifications of the buying experience. Take McDonald’s, for example; they’ve been using their version of Monopoly to drive engagement and loyalty for years. So how can you take the concept and the successes of gamification and apply them to your own business? This graphic has some ideas.


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Alejandra Vasquez Alejandra Vasquez

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