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Are you looking for quality assurance for Zendesk? We all know the importance of good, consistent customer service. Quality assurance (QA) software will work with your Zendesk application to help you and your customer service staff deliver the best service every day.

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Playvox allows you to monitor your agents, and set up group training and regular coaching sessions to streamline your quality assurance processes. Not only can you have better control on the quality being delivered to your customers, but you’ll also be able to make everything more fun and motivating for your team.

Quality assurance for Zendesk made easy

You don’t have a lot of time to waste setting up your QA program. Playvox is easy to understand and implement.

Scorecards track your agent’s progress

Playvox uses scorecards to provide quality assurance for Zendesk at several different levels. You can quickly and easily fill out the metrics you want to measure and decide what weight to give them. You can also tag other staff members if you want their input into the process. If you want different scorecards for different teams or channels it’s very simple to do.

User-friendly reports and graphs

You can use the reports feature to look at any specific scorecard, timeframe, or agent record. You can even generate reports by question, so you can see where your team needs the most help. If you want to look at trends Playvox will create graphs mapping out your evaluations over time.

The “My Reports” section keeps track of how your customer service is doing based on the following metrics:

  • Quality score – gives you an analysis of how your team as a whole is doing
  • Effectiveness – calculated using the number of evaluations where the goal was achieved compared to the total number of evaluations
  • Errors – total number of mistakes on the scorecard
  • Errors per evaluation – average number of mistakes per scorecard
  • % signed – the percentage of agents who have signed to confirm receipt of their evaluation

Agents can see their KPIs on their dashboard

With Playvox, quality assurance for Zendesk can be easily monitored on the level of each individual team member. A click of the mouse lets them open up theQualitytab on the dashboard and see their Stats, which give a summary of performance KPIs. “Details” will show their accomplishments over time by KPI. If they want more in-depth information they can look at each evaluation individually.

<h2style="text-align: center;"="">Playvox coaching tools

Generate a coaching form to set goals for your agent’s improvement. If you need to coach more than one agent you can quickly create multiple forms based on each question that needs a performance boost. Address each team member by name and personalize the coaching steps.

Playvox keeps track of agent stats before and after coaching. You can create different topics to fine-tune the success of your coaching program.

Following up after coaching sessions is easy. Playvox shows you all the active coaching sessions you have going on at the moment. You can see what stage each session is in, the topic, and the number of follow-ups and comments, among other stats.

Create training sessions

Quality assurance for Zendesk means top-notch training. When you need to teach your staff new information, the Playvox Learning feature can create a course on any topic. Make the process fun and interactive by attaching the media file of your choice. You can add videos, photos, and audio files with a couple of clicks. Create quizzes to gauge your agent’s knowledge.

You can easily keep your schedule organized. Send invitations for agents to attend your e-learning classes for one or multiple sessions.

The Learning dashboard

The learning dashboard lets agents review their progress in one central location. They can see their scores, deadlines, and the work that still needs to be done. They can even compare their scores with other team members.

You can reward agents for completing learning sessions with karma points to help motivate them.

Karma points make working fun

This feature is a fun way to help boost your team’s productivity and morale. Karma points can be earned in a variety of ways. For instance, agents can win Karma points if they meet their QA goals, aknowledge their quality evaluation results and are actiey participating in their coaching and learning sessions.

Playvox provides your team with a list of actions that will earn them points. Once they’ve unlocked their achievements they’ll gain points they can spend in fun contests you set up. You can make meeting QA goals fun with this gamification process. Each team member can compare their progress against the community to add a note of competition to the game.

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Integrating applications

Best of all, Playvox is a quality assurance integration for Zendesk. You can also integrate data from other apps, such as Salesforce and Talkdesk, in a few simple steps.

Maybe your Sales Department is on Salesforce and Customer Service is on Zendesk. This isn’t a problem for Playvox. With a few clicks you can synchronize users from multiple platforms.

You can look over all your LiveChat sessions by integrating it with Playvox. Use the Playvox features to evaluate all your chat sessions. Just choose which documents you want to look at by clicking on the filtering criteria. For instance, you can select all the sessions with a poor rating to see what went wrong. Then you can figure out a plan of attack for improving them.

Ensuring top-quality customer service is very important in the age of social media. Customers are more demanding than ever before, and can share their complaints with thousands of people if they feel you’ve let them down. Fortunately Playvox is there to give you the quality assurance you deserve.

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