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Call Center Software You Need To Get Ahead Of The Competition In 2017

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 Does your company anticipate growth in the upcoming year? With any degree of business savvy or just plain luck, the answer will hopefully be ‘yes.’ The question is, are you prepared for where your company is headed? Can you build and maintain customer relationships? Can you scale your workforce to meet the rising demand for sales and service? Do you have the tools to put the customer first and get the job done right? Call center software is a booming industry, one which has much to offer successful companies big and small. Here’s a list of call center software that will help you get ahead of the competition in 2017.


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Highly versatile and scaleable, Five9 is used not only for cloud-based customer support, but also to improve marketing efficiency with features like an intuitive dialing system. Agent productivity and customer wait time can be managed and improved using its intelligent and customizable call routing system.



This customer support platform provides a cloud-based solution center for companies big and small. Customers can create a support ticket and receive help in an instant via their messaging platform or live chat. Zendesk prides itself in achieving 86% customer satisfaction, well above the industry average.



This company offers customers a free 14-day trial of their service platform.  Among a myriad of call center features and integrations, Talkdesk displays at-a-glance real-time stats and monitoring for KPI’s like average wait time. Agents can update their status in real time, making it easy for management or other agents to determine each other’s availability and ultimately reducing customer wait time.



This platform allows agents to manage inbound call volume with various call routing features such as interactive voice response, computer-telephone integration, and automatic call distribution. Furthermore, Incontact offers a suite of workforce management tools to keep agents and call centers operating optimally.



Salesforce is the titan of the CRM industry. This innovative company rolls out upgrades three times per year, and its services range from IT support to contact center solutions and everything in between. Fully customizable, SalesForce uses metadata (“data about the data”) to constantly analyze the evolving needs of its client base, and even provides a platform through which companies can develop their own apps to meet their exact specifications.



This platform zeroes in on the instantaneous feature of live chat with your customers. As simple as it is useful, LiveChat is an app that can be added to any website to allow customers to reach agents directly and immediately while browsing or shopping from a company webpage. From the agent perspective, LiveChat helps agents to manage multiple chats using a simple color highlight over customers’ names to indicate how long they’ve been waiting. Agents can even see what customers are typing before they press ‘send,’ so they can be ready and waiting with the perfect response.



This call center software offers VSLogger Unlimited, which records all your inbound and outbound calls, allowing managers to get continuously updated snapshots of their agents’ activity via dashboards and run detailed reports to discover call traffic trends.



This cloud based call center solution software offers leading edge technology and value for call centers. Superior performance, customer service, and user friendly interfaces make ChaseData a top rated call center system. Features include outbound predictive dialing, queued progressive dialing, and managed preview dialing. This powerful software suite easily integrates with a multitude of third party applications.



This platform delivers powerful, multichannel capabilities that let customers decide how they want to engage with you. With its comprehensive feature set, you can resolve issues faster and more effectively and increase customer loyalty. Highlights include advanced routing; queuing and distribution; agent and supervisor capabilities; analytics and reporting; third-party integrations; and bundled, simplified billing.



This system is designed to provide better insight into callers and their needs, and to facilitate collaboration on customer calls. It integrates with your CRM to show information about the caller, delivers deep analytics and helps teams share and collaborate on calls, and allows agents and manager to make data driven decisions.



Playvox is a customer service QA monitoring tool that works with multiple third party integrations such as ZenDesk, SalesForce, LiveChat and Five9. Not only can managers monitor calls, they can also seamlessly coach, train and reward agents thanks to the user-friendly dashboards and statistics. Not to mention, communicate with their team, all from the same platform.


We’d like to believe that our software integrates all the tools needed to run a smooth internal call center operation. What more could you need?


Should you be interested, we’d be glad to show you how PlayVox can benefit you through a demo. Or if you want to test it out yourself, we also offer 15-day trial!



A premium feedback software for business, Clicktools improves the customer experience on the frontlines. Centrally manage all customer interactions to ensure you're driving loyalty and future revenue. You'll also increase productivity by automating feedback collection, so that agents can focus on more meaningful, personal customer engagement that drives upsells and advocacy.


With so many types of call center software programs to choose from, your company must invest wisely in order to compete. If you already have systems in place, be sure that the future software is able to integrate with your existing format. Let 2017 be the Year of the Customer for your company, and leave the competition behind with superior customer service.



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Jade Longelin is a digital marketing specialist. When she's not working with Playvox or her own projects, she's either traveling or spending time with her dog.

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