5 ways PlayVox for Zendesk makes your work easier

HR Management for CX

Today's workforce is more technologically savvy than ever, meaning they demand software that's simple to use, easy to understand, and ultimately makes their day to day work easier.

Zendesk, one of the leading providors in help-desk software, has helped thousands of businesses manage their customer service and streamline their workflow.

So why not make tracking your Zendesk metrics a little more enjoyable?

Seamlessly integrate PlayVox with Zendesk

It's nice when things are simple and automatic. PlayVox easily integrates with Zendesk and provides Gamified workforce capabilities you can take advantage of.

Never lose track of your most important KPI's

When you intially integrate with PlayVox, you can also create campaigns to track your most important KPI's. Design and user experience are key, the campaign only takes 5 steps to complete so you don't waste any time!

Follow user Performance instantly

In your Performance dashboard, you can get a quick view of your campaign health. This breaks down individial KPI results, how well everyone is meeting their goals, plus filter out your tickets to get an even better idea.

Gamify your user experience

Next-gen software means putting people first. They like to know that their work is appreciated. Reward individual badges and points to users who have been showing an extra initiative to meet your goals.

Transparent Results

Yourself, down to your agents can see their individual results. For agents, this means they can see how they are personally doing against the entire campaign, or against the top 10 in the scoreboard. The faster that everyone can get results, the easier it gets to take action to improve performance and ultimately, your customer experience.

Just like Zendesk has the idea to make customer service more simple and beautiful, PlayVox wants to transform this data into something more simple, useful and easy to understand.

See a detailed demo video here

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