Featured: Level up with Karma!

Karma Points is gamification specifically designed for Call Center employee motivation. Implemented right into the PlayCall platform, the karma points tool is based off the platforms ability to track user activity. Before, you could simply gain points by specific actions in the platform, but we've taken that idea a step further and it's now available for all our current users.


Raise your level!

Instead of simply gaining points, we've divided up those points into levels. Levels are divided by color and by the number of points necessary to move on to the next. Users have the option to see where they currently rank and how many points are needed to advance.


XYZ points and counting...

Before, you had access to see a breakdown of your karma history, included with a personal page showing your activity within the past month. You could see your competition with current leaderboards to visualize how you rank with the rest of the call center. Now, to quickly remind you of your current level, we've included a handy colored level bar posted below your name.

Manage it!

Karma Points makes the decision making process easier for managers and supervisors by giving them the visibility to see and follow agent activity and reward them based on their positive karma actions. With the visibility for a little competition and colored levels to achieve, agents will be that much more motivated to participate within the call center community.

Leaders, show how you appreciate your agents' work and get them involved in gamification!
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