How to jumpstart PlayCall

So you're a Supervisor whose just getting started in the PlayCall platform. You've created your password, followed the quick start steps,fixed up your profile with a lovely picture and now you're ready to get others to join. To fill up those teams and campaigns you're going to need the rest of your Call Center. Follow these quick tips to learn how you can do it.

Let others know about PlayCall by setting up a meeting or sending an email to your agents and team leaders to quickly introduce the platform. Make it open to questions and suggestions. People need to understand what the application will do for them.

Invite em'

If you're a Team Leader you have the power to invite your call center. Instead of inviting everyone at once, first keep it to a small circle of trusted team leaders and/or agents. Let them get used to the layout and features, then, let them (ie..the team leaders) invite their teams. This allows those experienced with the platform to train-in and spread the platform naturally to the rest of the center. In this way, PlayCall is readily adopted.


Keep on encouraging and reinforcing others by being active in the platform. Send messages, post and ask questions and join in discussions. This engages others to follow your lead.

At first, it may be unusual using a new way to communicate within the Call Center, but with consistency, PlayCall will become like second nature. See this post to see how to stay up to date with the platform. While all of these strategies help users become comfortable, if there's any questions, they always have the option to send us a message!

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