Gamify your Call Center with Karma Points!

In order to have happy customers, you have to have engaged employees on the other side of the phone. Management wastes critical time and resources finding new ways to keep agents motivated. To help address this common problem, Karma Points is gamification specifically designed for Call Center employee motivation.
We want to share how it works.

Help your agents see a different way their activity within the PlayCall platform can help engage and empower them to be an active part of their call center. Implemented right into the PlayCall platform, the karma points tool is based off the platforms ability to track the users activity.

A user will instantly know when they've scored karma, thanks to a small heart at the bottom of their PlayCall screen that flashes with a new score in realtime. If they want to take a look at their karma history they have access to a personal page that shows their karma points activity within the past month. They have access to not only a graph helping them track their engagement levels, but also a day by day breakdown of their awarded points. To make things a little competitive, users have access to current leaderboards to visualize how they rank with the rest of the call center.

How do you get Karma?
When a user is logged into the platform, some types of daily actions will help them gain points.
  • Ask a #Question. Post meaningful questions and doughts for other members to respond to.
  • Post an #idea. Voice feedback or other information for other too see.
  • Answer a #Question. Post and share knowledge to help others get answers.
  • Respond to an #idea. Acknowledge others ideas by posting a helpful comment.
  • Load a photo avatar for the first time and show that pretty face.
  • Get likes. Gain Karma when other members like your comments and posts.
  • Complete the ''about me'' section for the first time. Share a little about yourself to gain recognition in the community.
Manage it!

Karma Points makes the decision making process easier for managers and supervisors by giving them the visibility to see and follow agent activity and reward them based on their positive karma actions.

The desire to increase rank within the company and the satisfaction of gaining points by helping the community increases agent motivation and participation. Leaders, show how you appreciate their work and get them involved in a gamification based course of action.

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