5 great things PlayCall does for your call center employees

If there's one thing that PlayCall wants to accomplish...it's to help out those Agents who feel unrecognized, unhappy and unproductive at their job. Those who are without adequate training or supportive tools. Or, it's to help support Management overwhelmed by meeting goals, metrics or keeping up with the new hires. Whatever the reason, PlayCall wants to reach out by giving them something they deserve.

1. Recognition

Everyone has had that awkward moment when they can't remember someones name. Well, try being a supervisor or agent and have to re-learn who's who every month. PlayCall gives an identity to all those new faces. Profiles with pictures, nifty little about me sections, team and campaign info. No anonymity=Win.

2. So easy a Caveman can do it...

Outdated, complicated and non-functioning applications and technology are something that everyone despises using. PlayCall is inspired by technologies like Facebook...one that most are familiar with. This means this type of layout is comprised of an updated and easy to use interface. What's more, its been designed specifically for call centers. This gives agents and supervisors something familiar and useful to dive into.

3. Help me...

It's frustrating when you feel confused. It's even more so if you feel like you have no support or direction, causing that motivation to quickly dissapear. What if there was a way to tap into the company's inner knowledge for others to use? PlayCall lets you publicly help yourself and others out by asking questions, following helpful posts, give feedback, send messages, suggest and like ideas....all with realtime tech. Even better, you can transform that helpful knowledge into usable solutions that can be organized and grouped for quick and easy access for everyone. Sounds pretty motivating.

4. Breathe some life into teams and campaigns

What was said to that customer? What was that recent product change? What goals do I need to hit? Its vital that Agents must not only be knowledgeable, but helpful and professional. That's why communication is key. PlayCall makes it easy for supervisors and agents to communicate with their fellow team members. Teams are quick to know about campaign or team changes, progress, activity, etc. All this info can be organized and simply viewed their own separate campaign 'wall space' and personal notes. Takes the stress away from having to waste time chasing down people and information.

5. Happy work

It's a lot of pressure being an agent. While striving to meet first call resolution, company performance evaluations, metrics, sales and training, agents not only have to think about performing well for the customer, but for the company. Many times agents that strive to meet these demands see their efforts go unrewarded. Appropriately rewarding or even recognizing agents has been one of the largest obstacles facing call centers. PlayCall revamps that stumbling block with Karma points. Agents that perform certain positive actions are rewarded with points they get to see with a leader board. What does this result in? Friendly competition and public recognition. Happy feelings means better performance.

By focusing on an environment that is not only highly difficult, but constantly changing, PlayCall hopes to bring a little more satisfaction into a place that is in need of attention. Change depends on action and PlayCall is committed to helping Call Center's adopt new concepts. Are you committed?


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