Announcing PlayVox - November '15 Release


We’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on for the last several months. Our goal at PlayVox is to build technology that empowers employees to improve the customer experience.

A simple, clear experience 

We have undertaken an initiative to make navigation across multiple applications on the PlayVox platform more intuitive and efficient for agents, team leaders, and administrators. The new navigation system exposes more of the applications on the top level navigation bar and includes a sub level navigation bar for each function. This navigation system is consistent with other desktop, web-based applications familiar to users.


Ability to search for #hashtags on the community   

We’re excited to include the ability to now tag and search the community wall by #tags. This capability will greatly improve the ability of agents and team leaders to find and expose posts.   We automatically provide #tag search for post types such as #question, #post, #idea.   




Ability to delete messages  

As with posts on the community wall, individuals, team leaders, and system administrators can now delete chat messages from a message stream. The ability to delete a messages is associated with a person’s level of privilege – Agents can only delete their own chat messages, team leaders can delete team-based chat messages, administrators can delete chat messages across teams.    




New Performance Data Management Capabilities


Ability to Upload larger files of performance data.  

System administrators can now upload larger files of performance data.   The system will automatically manage the upload process for these larger files.   This capability will improve the efficiency of the upload process, but also support efforts to upload historical data for new campaigns.


Ability to upload multiple files and queue the files.   

System administrators can now upload multiple files for performance data.   The system will automatically queue the files for upload.   System administrators no longer need to wait to upload a file pending completion of a prior file upload.  

Ability to view file upload progress reports.   

System administrators can now view data upload progress reports.   The system will indicate file uploads that are in progress, in queue, and completed.  



  That’s all for now. Stay tuned for our December release!


Oscar Giraldo Oscar Giraldo

Founder & CEO of PlayVox Service Quality Cloud - Entrepreneur on a mission to help you deliver Perfect Customer Interactions.

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