Announcing PlayVox - January '16 Release


We are very excited to tell you about some new features and enhancements to the PlayVox platform.


The process for any user to login changes as of the Thursday, January 28th new release.  Prior communications went out to the entire user community regarding this change. This new login requirement is the result of us adding sub-domains by customer site.  Company / site specific sub-domain names were included in those previous communications. This new sub-domain structure is typical for cloud-based applications.   It supports our ability to continue to quickly deliver service enhancements to our customers.     

The Users will be required to use the new sub-domain the first time logging into the system after the new release Thursday, January 28th.  Users can save the new URL for login to their favorites lists, task bar icons, and web browser tabs.     




New card view to support agent development.  

System administrators, team leaders, and agents will have a new view option that provides visibility on agents and coachings by goals Achieved and Not achieved. Card views provide additional information for a specific coaching and feedback. Cards provide an at-a-glance view of agent achievement based on feedback.    



Ability to create multi-agent coaching forms.   

System administrators and team leaders can now select multiple agents to receive the same coaching form.   Create one form with goals, feedback, and areas of improvement.   Send it to multiple agents. Multiple agents can be selected in the performance list view for coaching as well as in the coaching form.   


Filters by coaching types, stage and Sort by coaching categories.  

System administrators, team leaders, and agents can now filter for specific coaching forms by agent, area for improvement, stage, type of coaching, and signature status.    




Agent Performance Dashboard Enhancements:

Agent performance has been enhanced for higher graphic impact. 





Enhanced visibility on unread notifications.    All dashboard views will now highlight read versus unread notifications.   Also, system administrators and team leaders will now see how many and who has not read a notification.  




Contest Winners:

Ability to identify and track contest winners.    System administrators can now indicate winners of contests.   Multiple winners can be identified.   Winners are automatically notified and posted on the community wall.



Customized themes and branding:

System administrators now have a tool set to customize the brand and design elements by site. Upload company logos, customize colors for dashboard elements including backgrounds and type fonts. 



 That’s all for now. Stay tuned for our next release!

Oscar Giraldo Oscar Giraldo

Founder & CEO of PlayVox Service Quality Cloud - Entrepreneur on a mission to help you deliver Perfect Customer Interactions.

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