Announcing PlayVox - April '16 Release


We are excited to tell you about new features and enhancements to the PlayVox platform. 



Associate multiple data sources to a single performance campaign.  

Performance campaigns can now pull data from multiple sources (FTP Connectors and API-based Connectors).   This provides additional flexibility when designing and structuring campaigns. 

Performance Campaign Build Process and Tools.  

As a result of adding the multiple variable calculations we’ve made minor changes to the campaign build tool. You will see seven steps (not six) in the campaign build process and changes to the tool for creating KPI formulas. Customers will not need to change any of their current performance campaigns. As you build new campaigns, this new process and tool set will be used. Additional training and instructional aids will be provided.  



Multi-variable formula calculations.    

All KPIs now allow you to create multi-variable formulas to calculate metrics.   

           AHT example:  (totaltalktime + holdtime + aftercallwork)/totalcalls.      




Auto-save of draft coaching forms.   

PlayVox now automatically saves coaching forms in progress as drafts and provides reporting for draft forms. With the auto-save feature, team leaders can respond to interruptions without worry of losing their information. Draft forms are listed on and retrieved from the team leader’s coaching dashboard.   



Initiate a coaching from the agent profile view. 

Team leaders can now open and execute on a coaching form from the agent profile.  




Ability to export detailed recognition stats.   

Now you can export recognition statistics for reporting and manipulation. Stack rank agents based on recognition types and number of recognitions. Supports tracking and reporting against operational goals for recognitions, supports contests associated with recognition achievements, supports optimization of recognition programs. 




 That’s all for now. Stay tuned for our next release! 


Oscar Giraldo Oscar Giraldo

Founder & CEO of PlayVox Service Quality Cloud - Entrepreneur on a mission to help you deliver Perfect Customer Interactions.

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