9 Ways to Show Your Call Center Employees Holiday Love

The holiday season is upon us once more. It’s a time for giving and showing appreciation, making it an ideal time to show your employees some love for all that they bring to your company. Without the dedicated staff manning your call center, business wouldn’t be what it is today.

But how do you show appreciation in a way that is meaningful to them without going over budget? Luckily, there are tried and true methods for expressing your gratitude to all those working within your organization. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are nine ways to show your employees some love this holiday season.


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1. Everyone loves free food

When in doubt, go with food. A free meal is always appreciated. And it is one of the easier options to execute. Everything from a pizza lunch to a catered dinner event is fair game, so choose an option that works best for your call center staff.

Just be sure to plan for those with certain dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians, vegans, those avoiding gluten, and other common preferences. While you might not be able to choose everyone’s favorite meal, putting in the effort to include options for as many employees as possible shows just how much they all mean to you.

2. Public recognition

With the year’s end on the horizon, it is a great time for a recognition event. You can address all of your employees collectively, expressing your gratitude for all they do. If appropriate, you should recognize major milestones, such as 10-year anniversaries with the company, or notable achievements. This allows you to show appreciation publicly, serving both to reward and to boost morale.

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3. Time off

Depending on your minimum manning requirements, providing an unexpected day off with pay to every employee this time of year is sure to be appreciated. While you may need to create guidelines regarding the use of the time, as you likely can’t have everyone taking the same day off, try to offer as much flexibility as business operations can tolerate.

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4. Improve the breakroom

Most call centers have a breakroom for their employees. It may serve as a simple place to get a cup of coffee and refrigerate lunches or might include seating and other amenities. If the breakroom hasn’t seen an upgrade in a while, consider making an investment.

Trade in the old coffee pot for a Keurig so that employees can brew their favorite beverages with ease. Make it festive and decorate according to the season. Get new furniture that offers a more comfortable environment. Consider how you can improve the space to replicate the feeling of a retreat and not just a room where people shovel down food before heading back to work.

5. Upgrade the holiday party

The office holiday party isn’t always the most exciting event. But a few creative additions can elevate it to new heights.


Consider bringing in some fun entertainment options, like a karaoke machine or a video game console with motion tracking capabilities (Guitar hero, anyone?). Have door prizes, coordinate a gift exchange, or do fun team building games. Give everyone the chance to leave work at the door and truly kick back for some quality fun time and see if employees don’t feel the love.

6. Money talks

If finances allow, cash bonuses are often appreciated. It provides employees with unexpected income that may be greatly appreciated during what can be an expensive time of year. This also allows employees to use the funds however they see fit which can provide extra value as they can act based on their priorities.

Gift cards to useful locations, like local grocery stores or certain online retailers, can also work well. Restaurant gift certificates can also be appropriate as long as the food options available are fairly broad and can meet the needs of those with dietary restrictions.

7. Personalized ‘Thank You’ notes

Sometimes, the easiest way to show your employees some love is to simply say thank you. Even if you purchase holiday cards in bulk for the purpose, include a personalized, handwritten note to every employee. Try to mention something specific about their work, like a major accomplishment or project success. If your company is large, feel free to delegate the tasks to more direct managers and supervisors.

8. Small gifts

Smaller call centers can choose small gifts for their employees. Since the work environment is more intimate, you may have had the opportunity to get to know your employees on a more personal level. If that is the case, feel free to purchase work-appropriate gifts that are selected specifically for them. Holiday chocolate, cute warm socks or a delicious smelling candle is sure to please any staff member. 

9. Onsite pampering

Getting a massage is relaxing for most people. Consider hiring a massage therapist to treat everyone to a chair massage over the course of a day or more, depending on the size of your organization. Coordinate a scheduling mechanism for employees to use, and encourage supervisors to accommodate these appointments as a workplace benefit.

By having a massage therapist come to the office, you can promote relaxation even in the middle of an otherwise busy workday.

Don’t stop there

You don’t have to wait until the holidays to show your employees some love. Schedule regular recognition events, seasonal parties, or “just because” occasions to help employees feel appreciated all year-round. Happy employees are more productive, so make an effort with your call center workers and experience the benefits that only higher morale can provide.


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