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PlayVox Attends The OpenTalk Conference 2017 To Discuss The Future of Customer Service

PlayVox Attends The OpenTalk Conference 2017 To Discuss The Future of Customer Service

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 7, 2017 9:23:00 AM / by Jade Longelin

Jade Longelin

This year’s OpenTalk conference is fast approaching. Key stakeholders of the customer service industry anticipate a vibrant offering of ideas and insights at this much anticipated gathering of agents, managers, founders, and CEO’s, all focused on the goal of enhancing the customer experience. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect at OpenTalk 2017.


Where: The Regency Center in San Francisco, California

When: April 25-26 2017

What: A summit of people and companies dedicated to improving the customer experience, OpenTalk is an interactive conference aimed at exploring topics relevant to customer service agents, managers, and leaders in the field. The conference promises to be rich in conversation, with presenters and participants from all levels and domains of customer service.

In particular, this year’s conference will focus on real-time communication as a central component to improving the customer experience, including sub-topics such as AI or “bot” technology, omnichannel versus multi-channel customer support, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The format for OpenTalk will include two days of various keynote addresses from knowledgeable and influential speakers as well as panels of experts discussing topics most pressing to the customer service industry today.

Who: This year’s OpenTalk conference will include several noteworthy speakers who are leaders in the field of customer support, including Tiago Paiva, Founder and CEO of TalkDesk; Steve Johnson, VP of Design for Netflix; and Mike Milburn, Chief Customer Officer of Salesforce, among many others.

Playvox will be in attendance, adding to the conversation about how best to support agents and their managers in real-time through multiple channels. As the whole of the customer service industry looks toward providing on-demand omnichannel support to engage and delight the customer, Playvox provides a platform that synthesizes QA, customer feedback, KPI’s, and the coaching and development of skilled agents.


We invite you to come find us and talk to us! Hope to see you there!


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