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Software for Effectively Coaching Call Center Agents

Software for Effectively Coaching Call Center Agents

[fa icon="calendar"] May 7, 2015 7:19:26 AM / by Oscar Giraldo

Oscar Giraldo

Great new capabilities from PlayVox. We’re excited to share with you several new capabilities on the PlayVox platform. This latest release includes several.  

These features are now available on the PlayVox platform. Training Sessions will be scheduled with Program/System Administrators and Team Leaders as requested.   

For Agents: 

A new Performance Dashboard that provides a trend line, or progress chart, for each metric in the dashboard.   See the AHT trend line below right corner.

For Team Leaders:

Several exciting tools have been added for Team Leaders:
The ability to select categories for coaching topics assigned by your program managers. E.g., Compliance requirements, greetings, call closes, etc.  

The ability to select templates for feedback created by program managers. By popular demand, the ability to attach multiple files to a coaching form.  

A drop down window allows team leaders to select from a prescribed set of Areas for Improvement. Program / System Administrators create categories by Performance Campaign.

Team Leaders an also now select from a set of Feedback Templates. These templates assure consistent feedback across multiple team leaders. Program / System Administrators create templates associated with Performance Campaigns.

For Program / System Administrators:

Several exciting coaching tools have also been added for Program / System Administrators.   These capabilities create efficiencies for team leaders and assure consistency of feedback across team leaders.

  • The ability to create categories for coaching topics associated with Performance Campaigns. E.g., Compliance requirements, greetings, call closes, etc.    Categories can be customized to your business and needs of the team.
  • The ability to create Coaching Feedback Form Templates.   These templates are selected by team leaders at the time of filling out and sending coaching feedback forms to agents.   They make it easier for team leaders to offer consistent, targeted, proven feedback.  

Go to Coaching Settings.  

Start by creating Categories (Sales versus Service. Sales Compliance versus Sales Effectiveness.) 

Go to Templates. Click on a Create New Template or Edit a Template.

Oscar Giraldo

Written by Oscar Giraldo

Founder & CEO of PlayVox - Entrepreneur on a mission to make call centers better places to work.


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