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Briana Songer

Many organizations have struggled over the years to find creative methods to motivate and engage their teams. Given the fact that engaged employees are over 30% more productive and 300% creative, it makes sense they are turning elsewhere, some of them are turning to Gamification.
Gamification has been proven to produce results to help team accomplish their best work. But do we really understand what it is, and how it should be implemented? Gamification is not something you can simply implement, it needs to be evaluated in terms of product, company demographics and the desired behavior you're looking to achieve.

Learn about this and more with Joe McFadden, Vice President of Marketing at PlayVox, who in a 45min webinar gives tips and best practices to foster and motivate an organization to become a ''gamified workplace''. It's a must see for support leaders who are looking to solve the most common questions and problems that affect their organization.

Gamification and the problem behind

Topics: gamification, call centers, Quantified Workplace

Briana Songer

Written by Briana Songer

Marketing Director at PlayVox


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