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What if we begin sharing in the Call Center?

What if we begin sharing in the Call Center?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 5, 2013 5:46:15 AM / by Briana Songer

Briana Songer

One conflictive point that has developed inside some Call Centers is information hoarding. I say ''hoarding'' because it seems that any extra knowledge that an agent can come across they use it as an advantage when closing more sales, keeping a client happy or resolving a problem.

There is no integration in a work team, but more of an unhealthy competition that day after day wears on the work environment and creates distrust and de-motivation.

It's valid to point out that some competetion is positive in groups of people because it motivates them to advance and complete goals. The competition is a natural characteristic trait, and it isn't bad to develop it. The problem is when individual competition becomes extreme...many times within the company.

The fear of sharing information and then having an agent exceed all of their performance indicators can be understandable when there isn't a transparent system that regulates the progress of each agent. This fear disappears when agents are able to understand and be guaranteed that their contribution inside the team will be appreciated and benefit everyone. They can manage to overcome the obstacles when they are conscious that agents who contribute valuable information will be recognized and appreciated.

An important point in this dilemma is the role of the company: They should provide the necessary rules and continually monitor compliance. It's the company that should be worried that all their workers are motivated to collaborate and generate a collective help system and ignore the fear that sucks the motivation out of everyone.

To be able to evolve, you have to have the necessary tools and conviction that will change the way you act.

What measures are you taking inside your Contact Center to promote solidarity?

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Briana Songer

Written by Briana Songer

Marketing Director at PlayVox


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