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What a great mentor can do for you

What a great mentor can do for you

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 10, 2013 8:26:12 AM / by Briana Songer

Briana Songer

Most of us can remember someone who had a positive impact on us at some point in our life. In the business world, its becoming increasingly recognized that a great mentor is needed at each career stage. Especially when learning how to apply best practices, it can be a challenge for businesses to come up with the time and money to make sure mentors are available to help people.
Mentors who are willing to share their experience and knowledge become a critical resource to help with the process of turning education into experience.

A successful mentor establishes an important base for the person to jump off from. They are willing to share their own experiences as learning opportunities for others, no matter if the experience was good or bad. Learning from anothers past experience can be very motivating and inspiring.

Mentors provide feedback and can be very helpful when it comes to providing expert information and background when necessary. Mentors can help you view situations in new ways, they ask the difficult questions and give a different perspective to situations that can even change the persons opinion, attitude or future actions.

If you're looking for a mentor, you should...

Make sure the relationship between both the mentor and mentee is trusting and is confidential. People find mentors whom they admire for their values and character, more than their success. They should constantly want to learn, reflect and help others because they genuinely want to see them succeed. Make sure they have the power to listen, ask questions and aren't afraid to ask for help. It takes time to mentor, so they must be committed with their time and energy with the other person. A person that's guided by a great mentor is guided to solve problems.

While it's great to have a mentor with all the above qualities, but its also important that the person receiving the mentoring is on board and committed. Both must share the responsibility to sustain the relationship and get the most out of it.

Mentoring helps others visualize what they are good at and how they can build on their strengths for the future. A persons confidence is not only built through this support and guidance but in the overall business culture, mentoring helps make sure that the person is always ready to manage and lead from the support and knowledge they've gained.

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Briana Songer

Written by Briana Songer

Marketing Director at PlayVox


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