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What to do when you don't like your Job

What to do when you don't like your Job

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 22, 2013 8:25:35 AM / by Briana Songer

Briana Songer

When someone says: ''I don't like my job'' , it's quite a serious statement. If it's us who believes it or someone who works for us, something should be done immediately. With this phrase we generally take two drastic paths: either we settle with what we're doing, or we reluctantly give up and look for another one.

Since both extremes are complicated, we have a third option. Change the reality inside the job so that we can begin to like what we do.

To begin to change, we first must decide which of the following options is what is affecting us.

Option 1: What we do at work is frustrating.

See if one of the points below is failing and provoking frustration.

Objectives: We should be clear that what we are supposed to be doing at work, is where we want to be going.

Resources: We have to know if we can count on all of the tools that we need to be able to achieve the required objective.

Progress: Do we see advancement in what we do? Or do we feel stuck?

Skills: Do we know what we really need? Or are we lacking certain skills to be consistent with our work.

Any failure with one of the above points can make us feel disappointed with our work. But, it is solvable if we can locate it.

Option 2: We aren't adapted to the work we are doing.

Ok, so were not adapting well...but what does that mean specifically?

The people we work with: If we believe that we are not getting along with our co-workers or our bosses, it can be trouble for social interaction. These difficulties are related to the type of personality that each worker has: Introverts and extroverts, fast and slow paced. If we are introverted and work at a slow pace, and work with people who are extroverted and work more quickly, there will probably be conflict in our work. But we know that with adequate treatment, the problem can be solved. Problems with personality clashes should be resolved with care. Remember that work isn't the only place where human relationships can come into conflict. So, running from problems is never a good idea, you can always find a solution.

The type of work I do: If we aren't comfortable with what we're doing everyday, let's first see what type of tasks shape our work:

  • Routine tasks, what we must do everyday.
  • Resolving problems that unexpectedly arise or
  • Long term tasks that should be performed for the company.
If we feel we only do routine tasks, our work becomes boring. Or, on the contrary, the only thing we have are problems to resolve and don't let us focus on more important projects, then obviously, we will feel frustrated. That's why a good solution is to efficiently organize ourselves to do some of the tasks a little bit at a time so that we don't feel that work is suffocating us.
Company Values: What if what we are looking for is to help people, and the only thing our work wants is to make money? Or if we want to be part of a company where we constantly are learning new things, and in reality where we work is only dedicated to doing the same thing? Obviously, there will be problems in the values we pursue.
If our values are not very different from that of the company and we are able to adapt, there won't be any major problems. Now, if a huge gap is evident we will probably have to think seriously about changing our job and dedicate ourselves in something else.
If the problem that we have at our job is related to unclear objectives, lack of resources, little room for advancement, lack of appropriate skills, little social interaction or we need to improve our labor organization, we have the possibility to improve and resolve these problems.

So, the next time we say or hear someone say ''I don't like my job'', before we decide if we should continue suffering a reality we don't like, take time to reflect to see if we can change what's bothering us and we will surely find the answer.
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About the author: Nicole is the Marketing manager with the PlayVox team. PlayVox is a platform that uses gamification, learning and social tools to make call centers better places to work.

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Briana Songer

Written by Briana Songer

Marketing Director at PlayVox


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