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What makes a great recruiting plan

What makes a great recruiting plan

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 16, 2013 10:22:34 AM / by Briana Songer

Briana Songer

To accomplish an important goal, its crucial that you implement a plan. When it comes to hiring, finding talented people is necessary to the success of any organization. Building successful recruiting plans mean you must strategically answer and approach important questions and issues. So, before the moment you actually start interviewing your applicants, think about the following tips.

Understand what you have available for resources and defined for job descriptions. How are you going to attract people? What experience and traits are you looking for? What tools do you have available to help you with frame-working? Create a list of what you're looking for. Get help and opinions from current employees.

Create a timeline. Include the date you must fill the position, application deadlines, interview dates etc. Understanding this will help save time on narrowing down applicants and getting to know what you have available to work with.

If you've got an idea about what you have for resources and time, you can start putting together a plan. This is a critical stage, so for it to work, you must be completely involved with hiring managers, company goals and strategies. Think about your company image and answer important questions like: ''Why should they work for us?'', ''Why are we unique?''. Recruiting goes two ways...while you are looking for great candidates, they are looking for the right employer.


Build your channels through the web, professionals, networking sites, newspapers, referrals, job boards etc. Use what has worked best for you in the past and build on that. Use your company products and services to attract people and then recruit them. Strategically plan how you will advertise to get your candidates. Should it be published locally or nationwide?

Then, before the applications start rolling in, get your pre and post interview questions together to screen out candidates. Decide who will be involved in the interview process and make sure you work closely with them.

In the long-run, these tips will help save time in finding the right candidate. Regardless of how you go about planning it, the right direction and attention to the important details will help improve your selection process and organization.

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Briana Songer

Written by Briana Songer

Marketing Director at PlayVox


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