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Fixing the call center world

Fixing the call center world

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 30, 2011 7:10:21 PM / by Oscar Giraldo

Oscar Giraldo

So what does Arcaris do? The company started with a product called Click-to-Call, aimed at increasing online sales by easily connecting potential customers to attendants who can answer their connections. The company won large clients such as Wal-Mart Chile. It received angel investment from the Spanish group Seidor and made it to break-even in one year. However, Arcaris started to realize that there was a gap in its offer; to increase sales, it also needed call center workers to be more efficient. This is why it recently started to pivot towards a new product called Playcall, which will ultimately become its main offering and integrate Click-to-Call.
As with most successful products, it all starts with a problem: here, staff turnover. It’s one of the biggest challenges for the call center industry. The main reason for it? Working at a call center is an extremely stressful job. It’s not just about dealing with angry clients; the work environment in itself is far from rewarding. Workers feel low and end up leaving their jobs in a matter of months. This is what Playcall aims to change, by bringing game mechanics to sales-oriented call centers – a first.

Here is what the internal feed of Playcall’s CRM platform looks like:

The design is a big change from the traditional interfaces, but it goes beyond artificially adding badges and leaderboards. What’s interesting is that it actually relies on things that already exist in the call center world; when the supervisors have enough time for that, public ranking isn’t that uncommon. What Playcall does is giving a form to these existing dynamics, while also making them somewhat fun. Oscar hopes that his platform will increase employees’ happiness, reduce staff turnover, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately result in more sales for his clients.

But isn’t gamifying an unrewarding job like putting lipstick on a pig? Oscar believes it isn’t; he’s convinced his platform isn’t only about making money, but about also doing good in a neglected, innovation-deprived industry. His point is that based on research and observation, happiness at work doesn’t depend only on objective elements, but also on subjective ones. Having a sense of purpose is one of them, and Oscar is hoping to help developing it with Playcall.

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Oscar Giraldo

Written by Oscar Giraldo

Founder & CEO of PlayVox - Entrepreneur on a mission to make call centers better places to work.


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