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Case study: Navimag Ferries

Case study: Navimag Ferries

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 4, 2011 7:06:41 PM / by Oscar Giraldo

Oscar Giraldo

"Arcaris uses state-of-the-art technology to bring customers closer"
The Navimag challenge was to deliver a free call service to a mainly foreign target market as a communication tool with customer benefits, in terms of cost-cutting and immediate call connection, and in these areas, Click-to-Call delivers, according to Marcelo Puga Babarovich, E-commerce Manager in Navimag Ferries.

"The first benefit we saw was complete control over incoming calls. We knew where customers were calling from, who answered them, how long their calls lasted, their phone number, as well as other key information. Thanks to the platform we could start tracking our sales activity in a way that wasn’t possible before".

A positive side effect is how many customers have been pleasantly surprised by the service and commented on the great experience they have had thanks to this tool. This has led to better brand positioning for the company, thanks to increased credibility and modernity, the Manager added.

For all these reasons, this tool has become fully integrated into the company’s service and is on every page of the company website as well as on social networks like Facebook.

To summarize, after a very low-key introduction, the service has taken on a more prominent and important role as the company has been able to manage incoming calls and improve the perception of its service by users.

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Oscar Giraldo

Written by Oscar Giraldo

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